Pumps for Rostov Nuclear Power Plant

Pumps for Rostov Nuclear Power PlantPumps for Rostov Nuclear Power Plant

Project highlights
  • The customer of the second power-generating unit construction - Rosenergoatom.
  • The scope of works included design, production, and supply of pumping equipment for power-generating unit № 2 of Rostov Nuclear Power Plant.
  • HMS Group manufactured and delivered the following pumping equipment of long manufacturing lead time:
       - Feed pumps - PTA 3750-75, PTA 3800-20
       - Condensate pump units – KsVA 650-135, KsVA 630-125, KsVA 360-160, KsVA 200-220, АКs 50-110
       - Pump units for auxiliary systems – ATsNA 4000-95
       - Pump units for system of reactor shut-down cooling – ATsNA 150-110
  • Delivered equipment was designed in compliance with the original technical specification of NIAEP (Nizhniy Novgorod Engineering Company "Atomenergoproekt").
  • All equipment was produced in compliance with the nuclear rules and standards.
  • Safety critical equipment was manufactured under quality control by the specialized authority according to the special Russian standard NP 071-06.
  • Commissioning of power-generating unit was held in 2010.
Rostov NPP with a 2000 MW capacity supplies around 15% annual power generation for the South of Russia, one of the largest stations of this region.